Friday, 21 November 2008

Look, let's just get it out of the way...

Regurgitated from FaceSpace.

1. Although I may come across as an opinionated, downtrodden and angry son of a bitch, I'm also very happy about a lot of things, unfortunately, I find it easier to write about my gripes than anything else.
2. I have a scar running the length of my penis from an operation as a small child.
3. I have followed Manchester United since I can remember. My fondest childhood memories are bunking afternoons off school and travelling along the M62 with my dad to go to midweek matches at Old Trafford. My first game was vs. Arsenal in 1992 and I was sat in the Stretford End, happy times. (I also follow Hull City, my local team. First game was against Reading c.1995 when they were both in Div 3)
4. I was born on the 23rd December. People always ask if I get 'shared' presents, usually, yes.
5. I was also born on the same day that the Voyager aircraft completed the first non-stop flight around the world.
6. I used to make animated films out of Lego when I was a kid using camcorders we borrowed from friends to film my sister's karate gradings; if my parents had bought me my own camera I'd be in LA by now. Thank God they didn't.
7. I was in the Air Training Corps (cadets) at secondary school. I had issues with authority (particularly a fuck of a sergeant) and didn't even get as far as Private First Class; did get winched up and flown around by an RAF Sea King helicopter though.
8. I read Bravo Two Zero when I was 12 and then told the rest of my classmates about it in a book review, many of whom hadn't even progressed beyond picture books. Henceforth my swear word vocab and knowledge of automatic weapons expanded dramatically.
9. Despite the above, I now abhor war, though I'm not a pacifist. I also despise the media for sanitising their coverage of violence.
10. Best goal I ever scored was when I curled a free kick around the wall and nutmegged the keeper. Admittedly, I was only 14.
11. The only film I've ever cried at is ET, when I was 5, something my Dad won't let me forget. I had tears in my eyes at the end of American Beauty though.
12. I honestly don't find blondes that attractive, nor many English girls. Latin types (including Mediterranean) and Arabians float my boat. In fact I prefer it if they can't speak English really.
13. Nor does the idea of travelling around Thailand and Oz appeal to me. In the slightest. But I do want to see more of South America and go to the Middle East.
14. I think it's a shame that America has been ruled by such despots because every American I have ever met has been a great person who has made a lasting impression. And on that note, I'm not holding my breath on Obama.
15. I used to love acting as a kid. I remember being Joseph in the nativity in Year 6 and pestering the teacher to include extras in the scene when Mary and I approached Bethlehem. She didn't.
16. I think I was born in the wrong decade - I love 60s music and in May 1968 in Paris I'd be in my element.
17. Generally, I hate students at DMU. Bunch of apathetic slacks.
18. I now live in Coventry. Can't say there's much to shout about.
19. I once sucked the face of my best friend's brother in an effort to pull two girls who'd been lezzing up. He was succesfull, I wasn't.
20. I regret not learning an instrument when I was a kid (I don't count turntables) I had a bass guitar for a year at uni and learnt shit all on it.
21. My favourite book is American Psycho despite being one of the hardest books I've ever read. When I watched the film I was actually squirming because I knew what was coming. Thankfully it's not too faithful to the book or it'd be unwatchable.
22. I'm also a massive fan of Joseph Conrad, one of the greatest writers in the English language despite actually being Polish (how'd the BNP like that?) and started my dissertation with a quote from 'Nostromo'.
23. I will write my own novel one day but I'm not sure what about; some kind of dystopian allegory probably.
24. I once travelled to Manchester to go clubbing on my own. Had a great night out and would definately do it again.
25. People always think I'm on drugs when I'm dancing but I'm not, I just love the music.