Friday, 5 December 2008

Fabric Live 43 - Sinden

The latest curveball from the monthly Fabric series is here, this time from the stable of Get Familiar. Switch was originally pencilled in for this particular mix, the Fabric website even saying as much months ago and I'm not really sure what happened along the way, but the outcome is actually a rather confusing mix from the boy Sinden.

Along with Switch, Sinden is co-founder of the raucous Get Familiar nights at Fabric, well known for its eclectic mix of what's hot in the world of dance music. Sinden is one of the biggest names at the forefront of the whole fidget, bass, B-more whatever you wanna call it concoction of downright dirty dizzyness that has swept across dancefloors, uniting long time dance fans with the indie kids who crawled out of the woodwork to earn some NME cool credentials.

The promo material touts this mix as a snapshot of contemporary clubland and a flawless blend, which it certainly is, taking in such artists as Yo Majesty, Skream, Buraka Som Sistema, Tigerstyle and a fair share of Sinden's own remixes, but it never really rises above the 'snapshot' description and the mixing, though flawless, lacks any imagination or forethought.

Moving seamlessly from bassline to baltimore to dubstep and everything in between, Sinden never really manages to establish a groove or indeed any kind of rhythm. It's straightforward beat matching with little flair and almost feels like the tunes have been picked randomly as the flow never really goes anywhere. It's completely devoid of the breathtaking style and panache of real 'cut and paste' jocks like Yoda or 2 Many DJs.

Just like many of the mandy fuelled indie kids crashing the dancefloor, it's a mix that's more style than substance, a mix of what's hot but a mix which itself really isn't. Not one to write home about.

2.5 / 5

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