Thursday, 15 January 2009

John Tejada

There often comes a time in them debauched nights out when the last jot of energy simply drains from your body and even the most hardened of hedonists resort to autopilot. With some luck, any DJ worth his salt will tone down proceedings and slip into ‘recharge batteries mode’ forsaking the bangin’ choons for something a little more soporific, which is where this John Tejada mix excels. Conjuring up a late, late, late, late night mix of Detroit influenced dark and dreamy techno, Tejada’s selection adroitly keeps the body bumping. The mix begins with the ominous beats and bass of Dave Hughes’ ‘Let’s Do It’ but it proves to be a false start as the slow burning ‘Kamm’ by Pigon wades in to the mix. Tejada then returns to squeeze out the last few drops of energy from the dancefloor before settling into a deep groove that characterises the rest of the mix, proving his DJing nous by occasionally lifting things a little with such gems as the prowling, guttural acid bassline of Alex Cortez’s ‘Phlogiston EP’. Like the knowing nudge from a smiling friend in the deepest, darkest hours of the morning when the buzz is wearing off but the beats keep rolling, Orbital’s timeless ‘Fahrenheit 303’ is a welcome left-turn before the groove returns and slowly winds down into the almost trance like conclusion of Plaid’s remix of LJ Kruzer. Alongside Arian Leviste, John Tejada has forged a well established career headlining techno clubs around the world, but on this occasion Tejada has crafted a mix tailor made to the end of the night when the superstar jocks have hobbled off and only the die hard saunter on into the dawn light. The only downside is that it isn’t any longer.


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