Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sex in Zero Gravity

So I've relaunched. The old blog has gone. I wasn't happy with the name as I'd stolen it from what can best be described as a 'user generated' clubnight run by a music messageboard I had no particular input to, so I've stolen a new name for myself.

Sex in Zero Gravity by The Martian is an early 00s techno tune that I completely adore; a true testament to the spirit of techno to produce emotive music using them soulless machines. I've never been in space and can't imagine I'll ever get round to having a nosey up there but sex in zero gravity sounds like a fantastic past time and when I get lost in the groove in some dark, sweaty club or gig venue, the wave of euphoria that washes over me is probably what cosmic copulation feels like, hence the name for the blog.

I've migrated some of the content from my old blog, which you can see below and intend to add to it with more album reviews, gig reviews (focused on the Midlands) and more opinion, as well as a weekly list of what's been hurtling down my ear canal. On top of this I'll be making a concerted effort to keep track of the glorification of drugs in the music press. Drug use is part and parcel of the dance scene and I personally hold no beef against those who indulge, but the media have a responsibility when it comes to drug use and I'll be keeping a close eye on the way it's portrayed.

This design isn't final, there'll be a few tweaks, but have to thank Wordle.net for the banner and Drew Mallins for taking the picture of me in the student union a couple of years ago.

Stay tuned.

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